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Downloads - LightTPD for Windows

With OpenSSL support | WeigHTTP benchmark

Package details

Package name LightTPD for Windows - With OpenSSL support
Version 1.4.32-1 (IPv6)
Build or Revision 2862
Release date 2013-03-05 / 17:33:25
Language English
Platform Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 / 7 / 8
License Revised BSD License
Comments The setup wizard is distributed for new installations only and not for upgrade.

The package contains the following additional component(s):
OpenSSL 1.0.1e.

Important changes in Win32 release since version 1.4.30:

[ 2012-03-01 - Release 1 / Tag: 1.4.32-1 ]
- Original HTDOCS files restored. (packaging problem)
- Some libraries has been updated.

[ 2012-02-28 - Release 4 / Tag: 1.4.30-4 ]
- New compile-time features added: XML, SQLite, GDBM. (All available features are enabled in this release)
- Background mode has been restored. (except test mode, forced to onscreen)
- getcwd() function of server has been fixed with pseudo-windows style path,
e.g.: 'C:/Program Files/LightTPD'. Make sure that your root directory where you want to run the server from is the same as the installation path. (GenVars.cmd is unnecessary anymore, it has been removed from the package.)
- Configuration path resolution has been fixed when drive letter was specified in the path. ('var.conf_dir' removed from variables.conf)
- Disabled modules has been restored: mod_rrdtool, mod_trigger_b4_dl.
- Cygwin's path warning solved, absolute path is necessary for cgi-based apps. ('CYGWIN=nodosfilewarning' environment variable is set by the server.)
- Command-line parameter fixes: test mode notice has been disabled with '-t' and '-p' options and '-?' added to the help option.
- Sample virtual host configuration file added. (It isn't loaded by default)
- include_shell doesn't work natively, it has been removed from lighttpd.conf.

[ 2012-02-07 - Release 3 / Tag: 1.4.30-3 ]
- New compile-time features added: FAM, memcached.
- We have updated some libraries: MySQL 5.5.19, OpenSSL 0.9.8t, LUA 5.1.4.
- 'lighttpd-' prefix removed from configuration files. (Default configuration file renamed to 'lighttpd.conf')
- Auto-loaded modules removed from lighttpd.conf.
- Some modules have been removed: mod_rrdtool, mod_trigger_b4_dl. (These modules have one or more issues under cygwin environment)
- Documentation files have been restored to manual directory because some users needed it. Keep in mind that these files are outdated!
- Mimetypes migrated to an external configuration file: 'mimetype.conf'.
- Notice has been corrected in help option regarding background mode.
- Configuration files use path variables from 'conf/variables.conf'. This file contains relative path as default, but you can generate absolute paths with 'GenVars.cmd'. This will fix some issue, like php's cgi_pathinfo. (After you run the installer this tool will automatically start)

[ 2012-01-14 - Release 2 / Tag: 1.4.30-2 ]
- New event-handler support added: libev.

[ 2012-01-09 - Release 1 / Tag: 1.4.30-1 ]
- IPv6 support added, but it doesn't bind IPv4 and IPv6 address at the same time. If you would like to run both modes, you must create separated configuration files for different address types and you can run servers in paralell mode. (NT kernel and cygwin issue)
- Angel process has been removed. (It doesn't work under cygwin environment)
- Server can't run in background. (Fixed cygwin minires and some other issues)
- If you run LightTPD.exe without any option it will try to run in test mode with default path of modules and configuration file. (TestMode.bat removed)
- Some directory have been renamed, relocated or deleted:
lib -> renamed to modules (like apache),
bin -> renamed to service,
conf/lighttpd-user.conf -> renamed to conf/lighttpd-auth.user (it's not config),
style -> deleted,
doc -> deleted (outdated).
- SSL-Gen.bat renamed to GenCert.cmd. (Cert generation target: cert/server.pem)
- Log names have been simplified. (access.log, error.log)
- Configuration and text files converted to CR/LF format. (Notepad compatible)

The installation package signed by D-Club Software Quality Assurance CA.

HTTP Download / Setup Wizard - [ Size: 5.24 MB ]

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HTTP Download / ZIP-Package (Without Setup) - [ Size: 7.36 MB ]

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Download Download (.zip) 5970 downloads dtech(.hu) Site Hosting - Hungary
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Download Download (.zip) 1091 downloads Szechenyi Istvan University / TOK Lab - Hungary

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